A Sunny Day at Sonny Bryan’s

The man who invented Doritos has passed away at the age of 97. He asked to be buried with the creator of Fritos and Cheetos in a variety pack.

Jimmy Fallon

Our next stop on our trip to Dallas was one of the best. We traveled to the original Sonny Bryan’s (http://www.sonnybryans.com/restaurants/dfw/original-inwood.html, 2202 Inwood Road, Dallas, TX 75235).


A good sign is a SIGN that the restaurant will be good!

Sonny Bryan’s has been dishing out fantastic BBQ since 1910, when they opened. Sonny Bryan’s has a vintage atmosphere. Old school desks line the restaurant (they also have seating outside) and pictures of famous people who have eaten at the restaurant cover the walls. There are other locations, but this is the original.  A man strolled around and took our orders while we studied the vast menu.


So many choices!

After we ordered, the same man called our name and gave us our food. When we finally found a table outside, the birds had already gotten there. They were devouring the leftover foods and were eying ours.

We ordered a huge Frito Pie (warm, succulent ground beef under a blanket of crisp scallions, smooth melted cheese, and baked beans). On the side was a small bowl of decent, saucy baked beans. The Frito Pie was said to be award winning, and I would have to agree. It was fantastic!


It didn’t look this pristine for long!

We also had tender ribs with sweet, silky BBQ sauce slathered on. The ribs were served with several huge, crunchy onions and a warm, spongey bun.


Onions Halo’s.

I did not like the onions rings very much but my family thought otherwise. My dad and brother loved the ribs .

In addition to the yummy ribs, we got incredible BBQ pork sandwiches. The sandwiches contained moist, juicy pulled pork, and the tremendous meat was squished in between two pillowy, soft buns with sauce oozing out of the sides.


Simple but delicious

The BBQ pork sandwich was my favorite, and I could eat numerous sandwiches without getting sick. Sonny Bryan’s sauce was stored in used Corona bottles and served hot.

To drink we had a Sweet Tea and a Dr. Pepper. The Dr. Pepper was made in Texas and was extremely refreshing. The Sweet Tea was cold and quenched my thirst.


This sweet tea was sure sweet!

For dessert we bought a packaged apple pie. The pie was FILLED with sugar and was slightly nauseating.


Packaged Apple Pies, I think so!



The food at Sonny Bryan’s was incredible and the  atmosphere  was very cool. The vintage objects around the restaurant made the dining experience even better. The people who took our orders were extremely friendly and you could tell they had experience on the job.

The value at the restaurant was very reasonable, considering the huge sandwiches, ribs, and Frito Pies we obtained. Overall I would definitely return to Sonny Bryan’s in the near future and I would recommend it to anyone in the Dallas Area. I would give it ZZZZ- 4 Z’s- Awesome!


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