I Found Mecca

“I gotta show em’ how to eat right man, that’s all…I got all five food groups. Pancakes, sausage-egg McMuffin, cinnamon roll, large orange juice…I just be juiced all day”.  Chad Ochocinco

Our second stop during our food extravaganza, was Mecca (http://themeccarestaurant.com/, 5815 Live Oak Street, Dallas) . No, not the religious Mecca, the food Mecca!


I found Mecca!

The name Mecca fits the restaurant perfectly. The food there makes you want to keep returning and tempts you to go on a long pilgrimage to reach Mecca. Mecca (founded in 1938) is famous for their enormous Cinnamon Buns (more about these later).

The restaurant has breakfast, lunch, and most recently, dinner. Mecca is loved by all the locals in Dallas and satisfy’s all tourists. When we entered we were happily greeted by a very chipper, excited waitress who took our orders and told us a little about the restaurant.

To start our meal off, we ordered two huge, soft, airy Cinnamon Buns. The buns were slathered with a rich, decadent frosting and was swimming  in a warm, soothing pool of melted butter.


The Cinnamon Bun was incredible. It was devoured in seconds and snagging a good picture of it was very difficult because of the greedy hands snatching at it.



For our main meals we got Fried French Toast (crisp and crunchy on the outside and pillowy on the inside French Toast).


Fried Delight!

The French Toast was delicious and the deep fried element of it just made it even more delectable.

My brother ordered moist, spongy pancakes with fresh, strawberries on top.


Strawberry Pancakes- Genius

Although he ate a little too much cinnamon bun, he still enjoyed the pancakes.

My mom had a sad, lonely bowl of oatmeal. The oatmeal looked sticky and unappetizing, so I didn’t eat it.

My Dad ordered the Migas (scraggly scrambled eggs with crispy corn tortilla chips, aromatic onions/peppers, warm, melted cheese, and gross refried beans).


Midas made the Migas Golden

He loved it!

My younger brother ordered two lone eggs with hot, steaming biscuits and smooth gravy.


It’s always Sunny in Mecca

In addition to that he had a buttery grits.

The food at Mecca was fantastic and I would get that cinnamon bun again in a heart beat. The atmosphere was slightly cluttered but it was cozy and inviting. The service at Mecca was very accommodating. Our waitress one of the best we met in Dallas. The value at Mecca was extremely reasonable! The cinnamon bun was as big as my head! Overall I would definitely return to the Mecca whenever I come back to Dallas. I would give it ZZZZ- 4 Z’s- Awesome.


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