Everything’s Bigger in Texas!

“An onion can make people cry, but there has never been a vegetable invented to make them laugh.”

– Will Rogers

Last weekend my family and I traveled to Dallas, Texas to go on a food adventure. We had an interesting arrival into Dallas. The plane arrived slightly later than expected and as a result had to scrap our original dinner plans. On the bus ride to the car rental building, my Dad found the restaurant Peace Burger on Yelp (www.peaceburger.net, 1228 William D Tate Avenue, Grapevine TX). We decided to give it a try! Peace Burger dishes out a variety of burgers and is open around the clock. Most of the time, it is packed!.


Peace Out

When we entered Peace Burger we noticed the bar-like atmosphere with large T.V.’s and Dallas related jerseys and memorabilia everywhere.

We could barely hear the conversation that our family was having. This was because of the loud college bar scene. We even witnessed a plump college kid pull a shirt over his head and announce to the whole restaurant that he was in fact a dinosaur. When a waitress finally made it past the crazy Dino-man she began taking our orders.


The menu sounded better than the actual food

We started our meal off with Carne Asada Fries (a blanket of salty, juicy meat and gooey cheese over a bed of crisp French fries). This was topped off with smooth, velvety guacamole, spicy jalapenos, and tart sour cream.


Looks unappetizing- but was actually really good

The Carne Asada was a big hit at our table, and everyone wanted seconds… except my mom who steered clear of the gluttonous food we ate. She had water.

In addition to that, we had a humongous trough full of fried pickle slices and jalapenos.


Fried Goodness

These fried delicacies were crunchy on the outside and bursting with dill flavor on the inside.

As you may have already guessed, Peace Burger is famous for their burgers! The burger that my brother and I ordered was called the Macho (hot, juice-filled, briny Chorizo, crisp, aromatic onion rings, melted Monterey Jack cheese, and plump, butter-like avocados spread on top).


Looks can be deceiving. Looks good- tastes bad.

The burger was decent but the amount of salt-soaked meat the burger contained was insane! It was enough salt to make a salt lick for deer.

My dad ordered the Brisket Tacos (tender brisket coated in warm layers of Monterey Jack cheese, silky avocados, grilled onions with great grill marks on them, and mild Poblano chili peppers).


Chipotle is better than this.

My younger brother ordered the Cowboy Burger (crispy, perfectly cooked bacon, bright orange cheddar cheese, an oily fried egg, and mouth tingling pico salsa).


Enough meat to feed a Dallas Cowboy!

He thought the burger was fine, but the burger did not rank highly on his list.

Overall the food contained a lot of salt. As a result of the over usage of the salt, the food was not enjoyed greatly by my family.

The atmosphere of Peace Burger was crazy. Insane college kids everywhere and jerseys/ memorabilia all over the restaurant. The service of Peace Burger was efficient.  Although we did not interact very much with our waitress, she did a good job delivering our food. The value at peace burger was cheap for the large mounds of meat we obtained.

Overall Peace Burger was not great, and I would probably not return anytime soon. I would give it, ZZ- 2 Z’s- we went to sleep yearning for a better meal!


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