Itchin for the Candy Kitchen!

“There’s more juice in a grapefruit than meets the eye”

-Unknown Author.

Last weekend my brother and I traveled to the beautiful Bridgehampton to see my grandparents. I have been to Long Island many times before and we always go to lunch at the Candy Kitchen (2391 Montauk Hwy, Bridgehampton, NY, (631) 537-9885). The Candy Kitchen is a classic diner type restaurant with yummy food. When we entered we were greeted by my Grandfather’s friend Gus, who owns the restaurant. He was very friendly to us and showed us to our booth. The Candy Kitchen is not the normal “fancy” restaurant you would find in the Hamptons. The Candy Kitchen has been around before the Hamptons were “THE HAMPTONS”

The Candy Kitchen has two areas, the regular front room and what we refer to as Siberia (the back room separated from everything). The walls are painted a subtle light blue, and a slightly dulled white. In addition the shelves are lined with various varieties of candy. When we were about to order, we noticed that who else but Ina Garten (world-famous Food Network Star and cookbook author), was sitting to the left of us. She seemed to be enjoying her meal!


You see everybody at the Candy Kitchen!

For our meals we ordered a B.L.T (crisp, satisfying bacon, fresh lettuce, juicy tomatoes, with smooth, spicy honey mustard slathered on). This was squeezed in between two soft, pillowy pieces of non-toasted bread.


This bacon was crunchy beyond belief.

The B.L.T was delectable but it did not compare to previous top-rated  B.L.T’s I have had in Costa Rica, The Crowne Candy in St Louis, and at Spic and Span in Southport.

My grandpa ordered half of a refreshing, juice filled cantaloupe with creamy, bright white cottage cheese in the middle. He also had a bitter, sugarless grapefruit, and unappetizing toast that was a dry as a bone. My Grandfather is a vegan and eats extremely healthily every day.


So healthy!

Finally my younger brother ordered a Bacon, and Egg Sandwich (crispy, crunchy bacon that melted in your mouth with an oozing, warm egg on a buttered toast).



For dessert I ordered a cold, creamy homemade chocolate chip cookie dough batter ice cream shake.


I scream for ice cream!

My brother also had  homemade chocolate chip cookie dough batter ice cream. Instead of a shake he had a  cone that he loved.


My brother almost devoured this before I could get the picture.

The food was very good and it was great to return once again to an oldie but a goodie. The atmosphere at the Candy Kitchen was calming and the colors reminded me of the Long Island Sound. The service at the restaurant was very average , the waitstaff did not go above and beyond their call of duty. The value was very reasonable and could accommodate almost everyone’s price ranges. Overall I loved returning to the Candy Kitchen and I would love to come again soon. I would give it ZZZ- 3 Z’s- Yum!


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