My Dad cooks better than Dad’s in Wallingford

” Waffles are just pancakes with syrup traps…”

Unknown Author.


Last weekend we traveled to Dad’s Breakfast Restaurant (740 N Colony Rd, Wallingford, CT, to try some breakfast cuisine and in the process visit my brother at school.


A perfect view of the sign.


Wallingford does not have many good choices to eat at, but we had heard about Dad’s before from numerous different people. As we entered Dad’s we noticed that the restaurant was extremely small and had a slightly dull feel to it. Although it was fairly small and had a slightly nondescript feel to it, the line to enter the restaurant was out the door.

When we were finally at the front of the line we were greeted by an extremely friendly group of waitresses who kindly sat us and explained numerous dishes on the menu. When it was time to order, we got Hungarian Pancakes (moist, fluffy, dense pancakes rolled up with sweet cinnamon and sugar in the middle and sticky, silky maple syrup slathered on).


Hungarian Delights!

In addition to that my dad ordered a Special of the Day, pillowy scrambled eggs, crisp, garlicky roasted potatoes, tender, juicy kielbasa (a mildly spiced sausage), and perfectly roasted, fresh onions and charred roasted peppers).


A heaping portion of eggs and kielbasa

My brother ordered a 1 x 1 x 1 (a lonely, raw-yolked egg, a soft, grainy pancake, and a crispy, crunchy slice of bacon).

On the side we had heaping, hot portion of homefries. The homefries were eaten quickly by my brother before I could taste them.


Gone in an instant!

My mom got a Greek Omelette (vibrant, green, spinach, smooth, velvety feta cheese, dark black olives, and juicy tomatoes). She enjoyed the omelette and told us that she would get it again.




The atmosphere of Dad’s was tiny and lacking color, but made up for that with the excitement, and bright cheerfulness of the waitress’. The value at the restaurant was reasonable but we received small portions. Overall Dad’s was fine but I don’t believe I will be returning anytime soon. I would give it- ZZZ- 3 Z’s- Decent.




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