wHEN in Rome!

“The laziest man I ever met put popcorn in his pancakes so they would turn over by themselves.”

W. C. Fields

On Easter Sunday we made a trip to the Red Hen located in the lobby of the Westport Inn (1595 Post Rd E, Westport, CT 06880, (203) 293-4113) . The Red Hen (a Farm to Table restaurant)  has only been open a month but has attracted hoards of hungry customers already. The Red Hen is unique because they serve breakfast, brunch, lunch, and dinner. The restaurant looks a lot like a farmhouse and is extremely clean/crisp (maybe because it has been open for only a month). When we entered we were quickly seated at a small table and we were soon greeted by a very friendly waitress who answered our numerous questions and even catered to one special request (more about this later).

For brunch we had, Frenchman’s Pain Perdu (spongy, moist French toast with decadent powdered sugar, sweet, sticky syrup and smooth, creamy butter). This French Toast was fantastic and the toppings were even greater!


The Toastess with the Mostest

My Mom had Gluten-Free Pancakes (fluffy, pillowy (surprisingly decent) pancakes doused in molasses-like syrup). She loved these pancakes! She thought it was very novel and exciting to have/discover the ever so rare, gluten-free pancakes.


Gluten-Free Delight!

My brother had an omelette with crisp, crunchy bacon and numerous varieties of gooey cheese. The first go around, the omelette was fairly raw. They very nicely took the omelette back and cooked it to fluffy perfection.


Second times a charm

My dad had a breakfast combo plate (mouth-watering eggs, a cloud-like gluten-free pancake, and unappetizing looking (I did not try them) beans).


Good eggs, sad beans

For the table to share we had a healthy-helping of fried Arctic Char. The fish was crispy on the outside and succulent and tender (it was very salmon like) on the inside. This was my special request. It was the catch of the day and I was able to choose how it was prepared.



The food at the Red Hen was decent but I will cut them a little slack because they are a brand new restaurant. The atmosphere of the Red Hen was homey, simple  and reminiscent of a farm house. The value of the restaurant was fairly reasonable for the portions of food we got. The service was well intentioned but unfortunately they seemed short handed and as a result the food arrived slowly. I would recommend the Red Hen after it works out some kinks. I would rate it- ZZV- 2 1/2 Z’s- Good but needs a little help!

There have been many restaurants in the Westport Inn, but hopefully this one works out.


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