Score at Bucks T-4!

“Life expectancy would grow by leaps and bounds if green vegetables smelled as good as bacon”.

Doug Larson


A few weeks ago we traveled to Bucks T-4 in Big Sky, Montana ( 46625 U.S. 191, Gallatin Gateway, Mt 59730) to try some REAL Montana cuisine. Bucks is a full time restaurant and hotel. We have been to Bucks numerous times  over the years.


The Boys are back in Town

When we entered Bucks we noticed the western atmosphere. We saw the numerous animal heads on each wall and the large use of logs in the construction of Bucks. Bucks has numerous dining rooms throughout the restaurant, but we sat in the original dining room. One special feature of Bucks is its Game Room (my young cousins loved the game room and did not even want to eat dinner).

The original dinning room is very dark, but is a lot nicer than the other rooms. It is secluded and isolated from everything else and gave us a comfortable vibe. After we were seated, we were greeted by an extremely accommodating, friendly waiter who took our orders and even fulfilled some special requests, asked for by, yours truly. When it was time to place our appetizer orders we had, “Bacon and Eggs” (crisp juicy seared pork belly, a quail egg with a golden yellow yolk, sour, vibrant red onion confit, super sweet lingonberry jam, tart arugula, a light/airy  cherry vinaigrette, and crunchy cracker bread for sandwich purposes). Although this dish was extremely creative, it was not delicious.


This was good, but not egg-cellent

We also had Calamari (crispy, perfectly fried calamari, tossed in sweet chili sauce, and served with a smooth lemon aioli).


Everything tastes better fried!


For our entrees we ordered, a Duck Bacon (it was supposed to be meatloaf)  Grilled Cheese (gooey smoked cheddar and warm melted swiss cheese, numerous slices of crunchy, mouthwatering duck bacon, homemade smokey tomato ketchup for dipping, toothsome, delicious onion straws, thick, puffy, pillowy, soft sliced sourdough, and grainy hand cut Montana fries).


Don’t Duck and Cover- this Duck Bacon was Awesome

We also had a huge rack of ribs (a meaty rack of S.T. Louis pork ribs, that were slowly cooked and honey brined). They were served with a house made spicy barbeque sauce. You could slather as much sauce on as you wished.


These Ribs will stick to your ribs!

In addition to that my brother had a burger and my mom had fish.  My brother ordered the double double beef burger erupting with warm, mouth-watering juices and squeezed in between two pillowy buns.


Double Double = Double the fun


My mom had the walleye. It was encrusted in crisp pistachios and was moist flakey, and crunchy.


This Walleye caught my eye

My Aunt had a succulent steak smothered in crisp fried onions and sauteed mushrooms. I did not eat this but it looked great.


Fried onions can make a dish


Overall the food was very yummy and I will definitely have to get the duck bacon grilled cheese again! For dessert we ordered several Skillet Cookies ( freshly baked chocolate chip cookie chock full of smooth melted chocolate chips in an indivudual cast iron skillet). The cookie was topped off with a healthy helping of cold vanilla ice cream (Wilcoxsons).


One of the best creations I’ve ever had

The cookie was fantastic, and could be one of the sole reasons I return to Bucks T 4)

The atmosphere of Bucks is solely decorated on a western theme.  The heads on the walls make you feel like you were in an old western film, or roaming through the woods. The service was spot on. Our waiter was extremely helpful and even catered to my request of Duck Bacon. He was very friendly and kind to all the members of my family. The value was fairly expensive but would be an excellent choice for a night on the town in Montana. It is definitely a bit of a splurge but most of the time the food, service, and atmosphere would be worth the trip. I would give it ZZZV-3 1/2 Z’s-Good!


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