“Lettuce is like conversation; it must be fresh and crisp, so sparkling that you scarcely notice the bitter in it.”

Charles Dudley Warner

     This weekend my family and my cousins  traveled to my Mom’s all time favorite restaurant, The Lotus Pad (3090 Big Pine Dr, Big Sky, Mt , My next few reviews will be from Big Sky, Montana where I spent my Spring Break. I have been to the Lotus Pad numerous times but I have failed to review it! The Lotus Pad is definitely the best in Big Sky but it could hold its own against any Thai besides my favorite, The Lotus of Siam in Las Vegas! When we entered the Lotus Pad we saw the huge flames pouring out of the open kitchen and smelled the fantastic, mouth-watering smells, wafting in from the cooking area. The restaurant is fairly small in size, but makes up for it with the heart they put into each and every dish.

     When we were seated we were greeted by an extremely friendly waitstaff. The waiter and waitress were beyond accommodating, and went above any expectations for the friendliness of a waitstaff. When it was time to order appetizers we got, Spring Rolls (succulent shrimp, refreshing mint, tangy cilantro, bright, vibrant cucumbers and carrots, and spicy chili lime sauce).

summer roll

Appe-thaizing Spring Roll!

All of these delectable goodies were wrapped in a slippery rice paper. We also got Fried Spring Rolls (all of the same tasty items as above, but these had juice filled pork and were fried/crisped to perfection).

fried spring

We ordered 3 servings of these Spring Rolls and they disappeared quickly

In addition to these appetizers we had Pork Larp, Shrimp and Coconut Lettuce Wraps, Chicken Satay, Papaya Salad, and Tom Yum Soup.  (We were nine people, so we ordered A LOT!)

     The Larp is my absolute favorite dish at the Lotus Pad. It consists of tender, mouth-watering pork that you can wrap is fresh lettuce. It also comes with a side of silky, delicious sweet chili sauce.


The Best!

I personally did not try the Shrimp and Coconut Lettuce Wraps, but my Mom said that the delectable ground shrimp, amazingly fresh mint, and perfect coconut shavings were an unstoppable combination!

coconut shrimp

My Mom was coco “nuts” for this dish

The Chicken Satay contained perfectly seasoned, succulent chicken, with yellow curry sauce slathered on every inch of the chicken that was skewered with a wooden stick.


Sataysfying Satay

     In addition to that we had Papaya Salad (crunchy green papaya that was extremely spicy and had a ton of squeezed lime on top).


Looks like Pasta….

For our last appetizer we ordered Tom Yom Soup (warm, spicy Hot and Sour Soup with tender chicken or amazing shrimp right from the sea).

Tom Yum

Tom Yummy in my Tummy

     For our entrees we had, two types of Drunken Noodles (juicy pork and perfectly cooked chicken). In addition to the meats, the Drunken Noodles contained, slippery rice noodles, interesting baby corn, and charred, roasted red peppers. The Drunken Noodles were amazing, I just could not stop eating them!


One of my favorite dishes at The Lotus Pad

We also had the Crying Tiger Steak (slightly tough Wagyu skirt steak over-flowing with warm juices with a mild Thai spice rub on top).

crying tiger

I was crying because the steak was a little tough

Then we had Cashew Chicken (tangy red peppers, evenly spiced chicken with crispy cashews and moist broccoli).


My little Brother’s favorite

Finally we had two types of Pad See Ew (melt in your mouth pork and deliciously seasoned chicken). In addition to the fantastic meats, the Pad See Ew had numerous fresh vegetables and smooth rice noodles. All of these delicacies were slathered in a dark, rich sauce.

pad see

This wasn’t Ew-y!

The food at the Lotus Pad was very delicious. Not only did they have fabulous food, but their menu was very vast and could satisfy anyone’s needs. The service at the Lotus Pad was excellent. The wait staff was one of the most helpful I have seen throughout my time in restaurants. The value at the Lotus Pad was fair, but definitely a bit of a splurge for the decently sized plates. The atmosphere was very small and dark, but it was also a bit out of the ordinary because of the strange colors of the restaurant. Overall I would recommend the Lotus Pad if you are ever in Montana and have the hankering for some delicious Thai Cuisine. I would rate it ZZZZ-4 Z’s- Fantastic!

I recommend you make a reservation, The Lotus Pad is tiny!!!


3 thoughts on “Thai-rific!!

  1. Thanks for the awesome review Asher!! I love your blog!! Maybe you will be the next Michael Bauer!?? Always great to see you and your family at the Lotus Pad, you guys are some of our best customers!! Keep up the great work!
    Alex and Scott

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