Meatball Mania

“It’s diamonds in your pockets one week, macaroni and cheese the next.”

Jolene Blalock

A few weeks ago I traveled to Meatball in New Haven (, 1180 Chapel St, New Haven, CT).


About to enter meatball heaven!

Meatball dishes out various varieties of meatballs and has perfected the art of the meatball over the years. As I entered I noticed the modern, clean atmosphere of the restaurant. The atmosphere was very inviting because the restaurant was warm and comfortable. When we were sat down, we were greeted by a extremely friendly informative waiter who took our order and explained the menu in great depth.

When it was time to order we got, a Pork Brioche Slider (tender, juicy pork with a creamy, smooth cheese sauce on top).


What’s better than a meatball sandwich?

The pork was squeezed between soft, pillowy brioche buns. We also ordered Macaroni and Cheese (rich, velvety cheese oozing from perfectly cooked pasta).


A treasure trove full of cheese.

In addition to that we ordered warm, delectable mashed potatoes with spicy, flavorful black garlic sauce on them.


Black Garlic is my new favorite food!

Lastly, we had Broccoli Rabe (tangy, flavorful, bright green broccoli rabe with spicy, giant chunks of garlic mixed in).


Don’t rob my Broccoli Rabe!

Finally we had a Rueben Meatball (I did not try this).



The meatball was dark red and had a vomit like substance on the top. The unappetizing meatball was placed in between two stale pieces of rye bread. Even thought it looked disgusting, my grandpa thought it was good.

The food was very yummy besides the Rueben Meatball. The atmosphere of Meatball was very clean and seemed very cozy/comfy. The value was very fair for the quality food we obtained. The service was very helpful. Our waiter was extremely informative and guided us towards the right meal to have. I would definitely return to Meatball in the near future and I would recommend it to anyone in need of a quality meatball! I would rate it, ZZZ- 3 Z’s- YUM!


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