This Fried Chicken is Clucking Good!

” I want my baby back baby back baby back baby back baby back ribs. I want my baby back baby back baby back baby back baby back ribs.”

Fat Bastard.


For our last meal in Florida, we traveled to Yardbird Southern Table and Bar (, 1600 Lenox Avenue, Miami Beach, Florida 33139). The restaurant is actually in South Beach, which is one of the most happening places in America. Luckily we had a reservation, because those who didn’t waited for hours! Yardbird dishes out fantastic, refined comfort food. When we sat down, we were greeted by an extremely nice waitress who told us the specials, and treated us like family. She suggested that we order the sweet tea. The sweet tea was indeed sweet! It was ice cold, refreshing, and was filled with sugar/honey.

This Sweet Tea Pleased Me

This Sweet Tea Pleased Me

Yardbird is also very famous for its Bourbon, I did not try any, but my parents said it was great! The atmosphere of Yardbird was very crowded! When you look through the hoards of people there, you can see a rustic, barn-like atmosphere that seems very cozy and inviting.


When it was time to order our appetizers, we got, a Fried Green Tomato BLT (crisp, juicy pork belly on top of giant, crunchy on the outside, juice filled on the onside green tomatoes that were fried to perfection),

One of My Favorite Fried Delicacies

One of My Favorite Fried Delicacies

and a Farmers Salad (fresh vegetables, a perfect egg, tossed in smoky, light, airy onion vinaigrette).

The Farmer's Worked Hard on this Salad

The Farmer’s Worked Hard on this Salad

For our main meals we ordered, Chicken n’ Watermelon n’ Waffles (crispy fried chicken erupting with molten hot juices smothered in sweet and spicy honey hot sauce).


Clucking Good!

This was served with ripe, fresh spicy watermelon, and moist, spongy cheddar cheese waffles with smooth, sweet bourbon maple syrup. The dish was truly comfort food at its finest!


We also had Sweet Tea Brined Southern Ribs (tender, succulent ribs with juices pouring out, with homemade BBQ sauce slathered on each rib). This was garnished with BBQ pickled chilies.


Bone Sucking Good


Fighting For the Bones

In addition to that, we had Cauliflower Steak (tender, meat-like cauliflower with nice grill mark on them). This was on a bed of mixed carrot and parsnip puree with pickled vegetables. This was to “please” the vegetarian (my mom of course) in the group.

On the side we ordered crisp home cut fries that were fried to perfection


These Fries Disappeared Fast

and Mash (smooth, creamy whipped parsnip and celery root with mealy potatoes and strong roasted garlic.


Not my Favorite Mash

The Mash may have been the only low point to the meal. The food was fantastic, but the dessert was something else.


The dessert was a Grasshopper Sundae (cold, creamy, minty mint chocolate chip ice cream with rich chocolate fudge, and delectable peppermint patties).

Minty Success!

Minty Success!

I loved the sundae! The value at Yardbird was fairly expensive, but the quality was fantastic in each dish. The service was also very good. Our waitress was extremely friendly and showed us the ropes of the menu. She catered to my mom’s wheat, and dairy issues, as well as her vegetarianism. I really liked Yardbird. I believe it was a fantastic end to the trip. I would recommend it to any one in the Miami Beach Area. I would rate it, ZZZZX= 4 ¼ = DELECTABLE.


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