Barton G for Asher Z

“What are the two things they tell you are healthiest to eat? Chicken and fish. You know what you should do? Combine them—eat a penguin.”

— Dave Attell


Over President’s Weekend, my family and I visited Florida. As our first stop, we went to Barton G restaurant ( 1427 West Ave, Miami Beach, FL). I couldn’t wait to get back to Barton G! I had gone a few times before, and I made my parents promise to take me back to it this trip. Our journey to Barton G was quite interesting. Our flight to Florida was delayed for one and a half hours before we could land. Our reservation was planned to be at 8:00, but we didn’t land until 8:30. In addition to the delayed landing, it took 45 minutes to get our car. We finally got to the restaurant at 9:45. It happened to be Valentines Day, so the place was extremely crowded. We were lucky to be seated.


When we finally got to sit down, we were greeted by THE BEST waiter of all time! He was funny, helpful, kind, and made us feel at home. He pretty much treated us like we were his family. Barton G dishes out yummy food, but the presentation of the food is something else! For example, Giant 3 foot long forks were mounted onto a meal! A crown and a throne were placed onto a King Salmon dish! When it was time to order, we were given iPads with the menu on them. The iPads had all the choices and were a fun thing to use when waiting for our food.

For out drink order we got an apple/cranberry/sprite drink that was refreshing after a long day of traveling and was a good mixture of flavors.


With a straw like that- the Drink is sure to be good!


For our appetizers we ordered, the “G” Fries Quartet (crisp cottage fries, crunchy shoestring fries with salt and pepper sprinkled on, sweet potato fries that were fried to perfection, and crispy, oily tater tots). On the side, they served us tangy malt vinegar, smooth, sweet maple mustard sauce, spicy  delicious smoked ketchup, and creamy, velvety cheesy fondue for dipping purposes.


A Harmonious Quartet of Fries



Don’t get Saucy with me!

We also ordered The Upper Crustacean (crisp popcorn shrimp, juicy, buttery lobster that was fried to perfection, smooth sweet & spicy chili sauce, and fresh baby lettuces).


The Upper Crustacean- Yum

For our entrees we ordered Lobster Trap Truffle Mac and Cheese (perfectly cooked pasta, erupting with warm, gooey, silky cheese and large chunks of tender, juice filled lobster, under a crunchy outer layer made with crisp cheese and caramelized chives).


This Mac Trapped my Taste Buds

My brother ordered Gizmo Chicken (succulent, moist roasted chicken chop and thigh, along with crispy broiled cauliflower, luscious grilled peaches with an excellent grill mark to them, and refreshing spring onions).


Sorry for the blurry photo of the Gizmo Chicken

My mom ordered the broiled salmon, which she said was bad fish and was very oily/stinky.


This Salmon was not fit for a King!

My dad ordered the short ribs that were moist, and tender. My dad said that they were fall off the bone good.


These Short Ribs were Short Lived

On the side we ordered creamy, buttery, smooth whipped mashed potatoes with bright vibrant green chives sprinkled on. Our last side was the lobster tater tots (sounds amazing right? Well, they were horrible. They were bland and were filled with hard chunks of potato and tough bits of lobster).


Lobster Tots didn’t Rock

For dessert we ordered, the Big Top Cotton Candy (a huge mountain of light, airy pink cotton candy, and white/milk chocolate covered pretzels and popcorn).

Cotton Candy bigger than ME at Barton G in Miami

Cotton Candy bigger than ME at Barton G in Miami

The atmosphere of Barton G was very nice, but was extremely crowded. The value was very expensive but would be good for a Valentines night out. The service of the restaurant went above and beyond all expectations of normal service at any other restaurant. Overall, Barton G’s food was very yummy but it was extremely expensive! The presentation of the food made it look even more appetizing. I would definitely recommend it to anybody with a full wallet and an empty stomach. I would rate it- ZZZV- 3 1/2 Z’s- Yum!





2 thoughts on “Barton G for Asher Z

  1. Dear Asher, Glad to see you’re going easy on the butter. Haven’t seen a picture of you of late, but I know you are still a growing young man and am sure you exercised a lot after that meal ! My rule of thumb on Valentine’s Day is get what you love but bring it home and cook it yourself. I am so careful about fish it is harder and harder to get great fish cooked simply (the salmon) and fresh. Someday go to The Coonamesset Inn , Falmouth , MA on Cape Cod, Your Mom would love the Broiled Scrod. Joanne Dermont

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