Rub -a-Dub Dub, I loved the Grub at Le Tub

If it’s flipping hamburgers at McDonald’s, be the best hamburger flipper in the world. Whatever it is you do you have to master your craft.

Snoop Dogg


I recently returned from an amazing eating experience in Miami, Florida. The first restaurant that I have decided to review happened to be my favorite, Le Tub (1100 N Ocean Dr, Hollywood,


Don’t judge a book by it’s cover!

We had quite the welcome when we drove up to Le Tub. We saw a man bolt out of the restaurant. The fugitive ran up the sidewalk and was chased down by the parking staff. Punches were thrown and landed. The fugitive punched one of the men who was on the parking staff straight in the back of the head and began running again. Suddenly a person came out of nowhere and tackled the man into the cement. He proceeded to smash the fugitive’s face into the ground. After that, the wrong- doer slowly got up and ran across the road almost getting hit by cars on his way. Finally, he was caught by the police. We figured out the fugitive had “Dined and Dashed” (eating without paying the bill and running off). That shows how valuable a burger is at Le Tub.


Le Tub was voted the best burger in the United States by numerous esteemed people who work in the food world, including Alan Richman. Le Tub is a weird place. Tubs and old toilets line the walls of Le Tub, as well as buoys from the ocean and fishing lines. The walls of Le Tub were made with rotten wood and two by fours from the beach. To start our meal, my mom and dad ordered Bloody Marys.


Whoever Bloody Mary was- she would be proud of this drink

Even though I didn’t try the drinks, my parents thought these BM’s were fantastic. The secret ingredient was, you guessed it! PICKLE JUICE! In addition, a large amount of Old Bay seasoning was added to the drink.


For our meals we ordered tender, succulent shrimp steamed in beer with fantastic Old Bay seasoning on them. The shrimp were very yummy and the Old Bay spices made them delectable.


You’d shore like these shrimp!

We also ordered their famous burger. The burger was charred to perfection and was erupting with molten hot juices on the inside. On the burger was crisp, fresh, snappy onions that were the perfect topper for a burger, melted, gooey Swiss cheese, juice filled tomatoes, and crunchy, right from the farm lettuce. The burger was squeezed in between two perfectly pillowy, soft buns. The burger didn’t even need ketchup, that’s how good it was.


Cheeseburger in Paradise



The inside looks even better than the outside

On the side we ordered fries. The fries were very hot and extremely grainy. It seemed as though they had been frozen at one point, because they were quite soggy.



One might question my brother’s wisdom when he ordered a flimsy hotdog from what is known as the best burger joint in the United States.

Le Tub offers only one dessert- Key Lime Pie.  The pie has a crisp, delicious graham cracker crust and is over-flowing with creamy key lime and light, airy whipped cream. This was the perfect end to a perfect meal.


Key Lime Pie- the Key to a good Meal


The food at Le Tub was fantastic and I believe they were right when saying it was the best burger in the United States. The atmosphere was very bizarre, it was on the water and had a beautiful view of the ocean. Although it was open, it was almost like a big tree house. Even though it was strange, it was cool and interesting at the same time. The value at Le Tub was very cheap (it puzzles me why that guy dined and dashed). The service was fine but nothing special. I would definitely go back the next time I go to Florida for the fantastic burger they have. I would recommend it to any in the Miami area who has the craving for a hamburger. I would rate it ZZZZV-4 1/2 Z’s-Awesome.


5 thoughts on “Rub -a-Dub Dub, I loved the Grub at Le Tub

  1. Hi Asher: I was in Miami for a few days last week and made the trek to Le Tub based upon your wonderful review. It was worth the trip! I had the best burger I have have ever had other than a green chill burger I had (they were so good I actually had two) about 30 years ago in Socorro, New Mexico. Thanks for the tip. Love, Dick

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