Get your A**-eus to Caseus

 “When cheese gets its picture taken, what does it say?”

George Carlin.


I smell Cheese!

For lunch on Saturday my family and I traveled to Caseus in New Haven (93 Whitney Avenue, to go on a cheese adventure.

A quick shout-out to Mr. Sullivan (my Latin teacher), Caseus in Latin means cheese. When we arrived, we were guided down the windy path and down the stairs to a table

next to the cheese shop.


A Cheese Display like no Other

We were greeted by a very nice waitress who told us the specials and then took our orders.

For our appetizers we ordered Poutine (creamy cheese curds, crispy pommes frites with salt and pepper sprinkled on top, tender pulled pork, spicy chilis and silky Velouté  gravy).


Could have been from Canada!

In addition to that we ordered a Mac and Cheese (Smooth Raclette Cheese, rich Gouda Cheese, smoky Comte Cheese, with toasted brioche bread crumbs on top and fresh

mixed greens.

One of the top 10 Mac & Cheeses I've had

One of the top 10 Mac & Cheeses I’ve had

Finally for our last appetizers we ordered Onion Soup Gratin (rich French onion soup with spongy bread and fantastic caramelized onions),


The best part is the crispy cheese edges

and Brussels Sprouts (lightly seasoned sprouts with a heavy amount of salt).


These were some salty sprouts

The appetizers were very delicious and they satisfied my cravings to the best of their ability.

For our entrées three of us ordered fish and chips (crisp, deep fried, beer battered succulent cod and juicy, fantastic, huge day boat scallops).


These scallops were as big as my head!

With the fish there was a towering mountain of fries (chips), that were doused in oil and we perfectly crisped. My mom ordered a Beet and Shaved Fennel salad with honey slathered grapefruit, refreshing local Mizuna, virgin olive oil, and local silky chèvre cheese.

Can't BEET This!

Can’t BEET This!

For dessert we ordered a rich, smooth, chocolatey Chevre Brownie that was crisp on the outside and filled with creamy Chevre on the inside. It was served with a cool, refreshing glass of milk and light/airy whipped cream.

I Like Chevre!

I Like Chevre!

     The food at Caseus was delicious and I would definitely recommend the dishes that we ordered. Caseus smelled awesome! The wafts of pungent  aging cheeses and creamy cheese curds flooded into my nostrils while I ate my delicious food. The value at Caseus was fabulous for the amazing food we obtained. The service was quite accommodating and our waitress was extremely helpful when explaining the meals. Overall Caseus is a great stop if you are in New Haven. I would recommend it to anyone with a cheese craving. I would rate it ZZZX-3 3/4 Z’s- Great!


3 thoughts on “Get your A**-eus to Caseus

  1. loved your entry title…very clever. I agree w/ you on the Mac & Cheese…it was devine ! Next time, I recommend the grilled cheese sandwich

  2. Asher — on a recent trip to New Haven we went here on your recommendation — and waited 45 minutes for a table (and I rarely wait for a table). The meal was awesome — thank you. But I do hold off on the bravos for the mac and cheese — it was delicious but still think any good mac and cheese needs to be simple and orange. Keep up the awesome reviews.

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