You’ll Wantos go to Pontos!!

“That awkward moment when a sentence doesn’t end the way you think it octopus”.

Unknown Author.


Can’t Wait!

This Friday we traveled to Pontos Taverna located at 7 Isaac Street in Norwalk ,CT. ( to sample an authentic family- run Greek Restaurant. We were celebrating my grandmother’s birthday so when we arrived we were guided to a large table with a good view of the whole restaurant. When it was time to order, we got more than you could imagine.


Even someone from Greece would enjoy this salad!

We started our meal with a few salads, a Country Style Greek Salad (juicy tomatoes, fresh cucumbers that had a snap to them, flavorful red onions, spicy Peperoncini peppers, tangy olives, and crumbly Feta Cheese),


Not your ordinary Cucumber Salad

a Cucumber Salad (Seedless refreshing cucumbers, and crisp red onions doused in fantastic balsamic vinegarette) and


My Mom’s favorite Salad

last but not least we ordered a Romaine Salad (finely shredded, light Romaine Lettuce, fresh Dill, raw red onions, and a perfectly sour lemon squeezed over the top).


Pita and Grape Leaves pair nicely

In addition to the large variety of salads we ordered, we also got  moist dense grape leaves that had a fantastic flavor contrast between the leaf and the rice inside, as well as warm, fluffy Pita Bread to dive  into an assortment of dips.


Enough garlic to ward off any Vampires!

The first one of these spreads was Tzatziki (garlicky, creamy yogurt sauce with fresh cucumbers and a little flavorful dill sprinkled on top).


Melitzanosalata- hard to pronounce but it goes down easily

The second one was Melitzanosalata (smoky, delicious, garlic filled eggplant spread).


I am drooling typing this caption

We also ordered Tirokafteri (warmed, melted, gooey feta cheese with fresh tomatoes and hot peppers cooked in a foil packet),


Saganaki Expert!

and Saganaki (pan seared flaming cheese that was crispy on the top and oozing with melted cheese in the middle).

Our last appetizer choices consisted of Patates (crunchy, starchy French fries doused in olive oil and served with cracked sea salt sprinkled over the top),


Beans, Beans, good for your heart……you get the picture

and Gigantes (baked giant white beans in delicious tomato sauce).

All the appetizers were FABULOUS!


The Chef may have forgotten to season the Scrod

For my main meal I ordered Bakailiaro (crispy pan fried battered butter-like scrod that melted in your mouth). The only setback to the scrod was there was a lack of seasoning, but besides that fact, it was a great dish.


This dish will grab you!

We also got Xtapodi (tender, juicy, octopus chunks with a fantastic crust to them and a delectable seasoning).

The food was amazing, but on the garlicky side!  The rest of my family tried many other dishes, but I was too full to eat another bite.  They were all very happy with their meals too.


I may need to see the Dentist after this dessert

For dessert we had Baklava (crispy  Phyllo dough slathered with rich sweet syrup and walnuts).

The atmosphere was buzzing with people and happy faces enjoying their Greek Cuisine. Besides the happy faces, Pontos has very simple decor and is somewhat plain.

The value of Pontos was amazing for the enormous amount of food we obtained. The service at Pontos was great! The waiters and waitress’ were beyond helpful and catered to our every need. It was truly a family oriented restaurant.  Our waitress told me everyone who worked there was related. I would recommend it for a night on the town or a big family celebration.

I would rate it ZZZZV- 4 1/2 Z’s- Fab!

A word of advice- get to Pontos early.  They don’t take reservations and the restaurant fills up fast!


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