Chicken Shawarma in Paradise at Safita

This Friday we traveled to my favorite restaurant in Fairfield!!! SAFITA! (Safita is located at 2217 Post Road in Fairfield, 203-319-0000).  We have been to Safita approximately 20 times since it has opened and every time it has gotten even better! Safita dishes out fantastic Syrian Cuisine. If I could go to one restaurant in Fairfield, it would be Safita. When we entered we were greeted by the Hassoun Family, who own Safita, and could not be any nicer. Amal Hassoun the matriarch of the family cooks in the kitchen and is a wonderful host.

When we were seated we had a chance to observe the atmosphere. Safita’s atmosphere looks very authentic and feels very cozy. Safita is quite small but quality is better than quantity! As we sat down we received a piping hot basket of soft, warm, pillowy homemade bread, and soft pita.

Delicious way to start the meal

Delicious way to start the meal

With the bread they brought out smooth olive oil for dipping purposes and Za’tar (a perfect blend of spices to put on the various breads). For appetizers we ordered Za’tar Manaquich (flat, warm, bread covered in the fabulous spice mixture known as Za’tar),

Za'tar is a great spice blend

Za’tar is a great spice blend

as  well as my favorite appetizer, Safita Chicken Rolls (tender meat and juicy chopped vegetables wrapped in a crisp shell).

This is my favorite thing to have at Safita- the Chicken Rolls

This is my favorite thing to have at Safita- the Chicken Rolls

On the side they served a vibrant, orange sauce made with yummy pomegranates, that I could have a dipped a door handle in and it would have tasted good.

We also ordered a smoky grilled eggplant salad that was flavorful and great,

Smoky Eggplant Salad

Smoky Eggplant Salad

Grape Leaves with perfectly cooked rice  wrapped in a  juicy leaf,

Best Grape Leaves in town

Best Grape Leaves ever

and a Fattoush Salad (Romaine Lettuce, juice filled tomatoes, crisp cucumbers, snappy onions, silky olive oil, and topped with crunchy toasted pita chips).

My Dad's favorite salad- Fattoush

My Dad’s favorite salad- Fattoush

Lastly we ordered their homemade hummus, which is creamy, garlicky and yummy.

Hummus, creamy Hummus

Hummus, creamy Hummus

They also sent out a taste of homemade labne (yogurt), which my Mom really loved.

For our entrees my brother and I ordered a Chicken Shawarma sandwich with succulent chicken, mixed vegetables, pickles, and creamy garlic sauce slathered on and rolled in a flat bread.

Schawarma Paradise

Shawarma Paradise

On the side we ordered crispy Safita Fries (friend potato chips) with crushed salt and smooth garlic sauce on top.

Crisp Safita Fries

Crisp Safita Fries

For dessert we were so stuffed, but we still ordered sweet baklava smothered in honey. The Baklava was good and was a great choice for dessert.

Sweet Honey Goodness

Sweet Honey Goodness


The service was very accomodating and our waitress (one of the Hassoun daughters) could not have been more friendly and helpful. The atmosphere of Safita is very happy feeling because it is family based, and everybody truly cares. The value of Safita could not have been better for the amazing quality of the food they served us. I personally love Safita and I urge you to go there in your near future. I would rate it ZZZZX- 4 3/4 Z’s- Great!




3 thoughts on “Chicken Shawarma in Paradise at Safita

  1. Asher…this is a marvelous review. i have eaten at Safita and i think you have captured the very essence of the restaurant, the food, the service, and the atmosphere.. you beautifully express your appreciation and enjoyment of the entire experience at Safita.

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