SoNo Marketplace? So Yes!

“I never knew how much I missed pickles and pickle juice. It’s like an overwhelming feeling I can’t even explain. It’s just weird. ”


This weekend I had the pleasure of traveling to Sono Marketplace ( The Market is located at 314 Wilson Avenue, South Norwalk, Connecticut.

So excited

So excited

Sono Marketplace (SMP) is a collection of delectable food, interesting art and even clothing.  I had recently visited SMP while it was under construction, but what it looked like then could not compare to how it looks now. When we arrived, we noticed the abundance of cars, lining the parking lot and the road.  Just as we walked in, we noticed the warm, cozy atmosphere. It was very beautiful and even more crowded. As we walked through we smelled the wafts of delicious smells coming from each and every restaurant, and the happy chatter of people around us at communal tables.

Our first stop was the was Wise Guys Pizza Pies, where we ordered a spicy, hot pepper pizza, with melted smooth mozzarella cheese and a crisp crust.

You can't judge a book by it's cover- this wasn't as spicy as it looked!

You can’t judge a book by it’s cover- this wasn’t as spicy as it looked!

Next, we went to a fish and chips restaurant called Gotta Nibble, that served succulent cod with a warm, crisp fried coating, as well as tender shrimp with a crunchy coating, and finally crispy, salty, delicious fried calamari. This feast was served on top of a mountain of crispy fries (chips).

We started eating too soon! The food disappeared before I was able to take a picture

We started eating too soon! The food disappeared before I was able to take a picture

You are offered a choice of many different sauces on the side.  We chose honey mustard, BBQ, homemade ketchup and spicy Chipotle. Gotta Nibble was very crowded and it took a very long time for the food to come, but it was worth it. We then took a coffee break at Flat White. My parents thought the coffee at Flat White was delicious.

A flat sign at Flat White

A flat sign at Flat White

Flat White is across the way from Nothin’ But Granola Bars which are really great.

My Mom's favorite Granola Bars

My Mom’s favorite Granola Bars

Our next stop was possibly the best of all the stops we took. As we stepped into the line at Horman’s Pickles, we smelled the dill that flavors the pickles, and the sour tang of the pickle juice.

They are the best!

They are the best!

When it was our time to order, we got: a small container of full dill pickles. The pickles had an amazing crunch and snap to them, and were so juice-filled, that I need to wash my hands after eating them. In addition the owner gave us a free sample of the Spicy Pickle on a stick!

Pickle Pop

Pickle Pop

We then wandered on down to Tilden’s Seafood, where I got one of the tastiest lobster bisques I have ever had. The bisque was creamy, silky, and spicy with moist, mouth-watering chunks of flavorful lobster.

Nothing can beat a hot bowl o' Bisque

Nothing can beat a hot bowl o’ Bisque

As we made our way to the end of SMP, we spotted Chocopoloigie. At Chocopoloigie, we ordered two slices of toothsome bacon smothered in dark chocolate.

Mmmmm- Bacon

Mmmmm- Bacon

Although the bacon looked delicious, it was quite tart chocolate and the bacon was a little bit flacid. Our final stop was Ronnybrook Dairy for some chocolate milk.

Dairy Delight

Dairy Delight

The chocolate milk was cool, refreshing and tasted like fresh chocolate ice-cream.

Personally I loved Sono Marketplace and I would definitely want to go back soon. I would recommend to anyone at anytime in the week, but be sure to get there early to find a parking spot. Its a great way to spend the afternoon. I would rate it ZZZZV= 4 ½ Z’s= So Fun!


4 thoughts on “SoNo Marketplace? So Yes!

  1. The next time I’m running through CT this sounds like a place to stop. I have to ask what you thought of the spicy pickle. We have a guy up here that makes them and they are outstanding. Also despite it’s flaccid state what did you think of the chocolate covered bacon? It’s hard to do right I think. There used to be a place in North Conway that had the best but they closed due to competition.

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