A Thanksgiving Cautionary Fable

The warm, crispy-skinned turkey is cooking to perfection in the oven, while creamy, buttery, garlic mashed potatoes are heated in the microwave. The delicious stuffing is being prepared on the stove, as the smooth, decadent pumpkin pie is sitting on the window sill. Cinnamon filled, silky apple pies are being brought to the table. Every part of the Thanksgiving dinner is being prepared, as children run about the warm house. Soft snow falls gently across the roads gathering in even pillowy piles. The oven dings and the microwave stops heating things up. We know it is the time we have all been waiting for- time to chow down! All of the kids hustle across the tangled wool carpet and into the dining room. I, Miles Johnson sit, on a faded chair awaiting the feast to come.  The numerous plates piled onto the table like leaves falling from trees in autumn. All of us immediately dove for the food and piled our plates to the ceiling like a dog pile in football. We stuff ourselves to the brim and even then, continue to shove the piping hot food down our throats.

After we licked our plates clean and almost everything had been eaten, we sat in our seats, unable to speak. The food was gone even the turkey! There was only one thing left to do: break the wishbone. I quickly lunge for it and pull on it with my sister, Piper. The bone snaps and there is a cloud of dust covering our hands. When the clouds clear, I peek at my hand and notice I had won! I quickly looked at the sad bones of the turkey and wish for more food for tomorrow. Finally, after a small bit of discussion, we all left and arranged for their to be a post Thanksgiving party for tomorrow. This wishbone was not a normal wishbone, it was special, and I was just about to find that out.

The morning was cloudy and crisp. The slender pine trees flailed in the blowing wind like burning candles. We arrived at the house ready to talk and experience some post Thanksgiving festivities. The house was again warm and cozy when we entered, but something was wrong.  There were no wafts or aromas emitting from the oven and sadly there were no pies cooling slowly on the windowsill. Everybody looked distraught and agitated because of the lack of food. We all walked in a single file line like a line of ants into their hole. We entered the dark dining room with expectations of a bare table with no food whatsoever. When we looked down at the table, we noticed the most exquisite, abundant feast ever! The shiny turkey lay across the table while the bright orange sweet potatoes were steaming in the corner of the table. A juicy slab of roast beef sat beside the toothsome French Roll and the most glossy, smooth gravy ever to be placed on this dining room table. I quickly grabbed everything I could fit on the plate and scarfed it down. Everybody changed their expressions from wretched and gloomy, to bright and cheerful. Many of the family members obtained shining grins on their faces because they were so happy. The food vanished from the table in a flash and my family and I went into the living room to watch some football. We began watching until we heard a crashing sound coming from the dining room. We all quickly hustled to the dining room, and what we saw was mysterious but at the same time splendid! The turkey was back intact, and every little nook and cranny of the table was filled to the brim with sweet concord grapes, the freshest most delicious fruits of all time, and a large aray of sweet and savory desserts for us to enjoy Everybody but me inhaled every last bit of the numerous dishes as I watched them stuff themselves silly. I was full and had no expectation to eat anymore. I had had my fair share but it seemed my family, had not. They ate and ate and ate until they popped. They literally and legitimately exploded! Turkey mixed with grapes splashed against the unembellished walls while peoples body burst and  shattered everywhere.

The night was dark and cool, I was scared to enter the food splattered room. I dashed through the house looking for any sign of life, but I couldn’t find any. The wishbone gave us more and more food as time went on. From that  point on, I donated an abundance of my food that the wishbone gave me (so no-one would ever go without food) and never to let my eyes become bigger than my stomach or put more on my plate than I can eat.  The moral of the story is- don’t bite off more than you can chew….. It will bite you back.


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