Bar Sugo or is it Bar SALTo????

“Miracles are like meatballs, because nobody can exactly agree on what they are made of, where they come from, or how often they should appear.”― Lemony Snicket.

Today we traveled to Bar Sugo (a somewhat new restaurant, located at 102 Wall Street in Norwalk)

Exterior of the Restaurant

to try some authentic Italian Cuisine and its famous meatballs. When we entered we noticed the restaurant was extremely cozy and welcoming. In addition, the restaurant was extremely crowded for a sunday night. Bar Sugo is very rustic looking and has many beautiful photos on the walls. It also has a large pizza oven right behind the bar, as a centerpiece.

When it was time to order, to start we got- crispy Arancini (delicious, warm, crisp fried rice balls with juicy mushrooms),

Crispy rice balls

pork belly (a fried pork belly slab with a tangy sauce over lentils),

Pork belly- fat belly

Calamari Fritti (very salty, crunchy fried calamari with a smooth, spicy aioli drizzled on),

Crispy, Chewy Calamari

and salty prosciutto wrapped around fabulous truffle fries.

Fries in a Pig Blanket

For our entrees we ordered- SALTY spaghetti with silky tomato sauce and strong basil,

Spaghetti with Tomato and Basil

SALTY CT Bites Pizza (crisp pizza with flavorful caramelized onions, starchy potato, tender short rib meat, potato, and an egg with an oozing yolk),

CT Bites Pizza- Love the Egg!

and a SALTY succulent meat ball pizza.

Meatball Pizza- topped with a Hot Pepper

Overall it seemed like the chef had heavy hand for salt, and thus the food was not very appetizing.

The atmosphere was very rustic and interesting, with attractive photos and tin ceilings. It is an inviting spot on an otherwise quiet street in Norwalk. The meal was pretty expensive for the somewhat disappointing food. The service was also not terrific, because the waitress was a little off putting and sulky. Overall the food and atmosphere were fine, but everything else was fairly average and I would not recommend going. I would give it- ZZZ- 3 Z’s- Fair.

Because the restaurant was so new, maybe they need some time to work out the kinks.


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