Peruvian Corn-tacular

Today, my Dad and I traveled to Hartford CT’s south end,  to try La Kerencya (624 Franklin Avenue , 860-206-3985) to sample some Peruvian Cuisine.

La Kerencya

Peru is well known for their numerous varieties of corn and potatoes. La Kerencya is a family owned business (the son works in the kitchen, the father goes to the market every day, and the mother and daughter wait on tables). La Kerencya is only about 1 year old, which is surprising because it was run with such professionalism.

When we entered, we were greeted by the Mom (one of the owners) who could NOT have been any nicer. She told us that Peruvian Food was influenced by Chinese, Japanese, Italian, and Spanish cuisine.  In addition she explained every single thing on the menu. She let us sample Chicha Morado (a special juice made from sweet purple corn, cloves, and strong cinnamon) which was delicious.

Chicha Morado

She also brought us a spicy, smooth, creamy sauce called Aji Verde and crispy, warm delicious Peruvian corn cooked slowly in oil and salt called Cancha (possibly one of the best corn dishes, I have ever had). The Cancha were addictive.

Cancha and Aji Verde

When it was time to order, we decided on- a fried smooth mashed potato filled with tender beef and chopped hardboiled eggs

Potato, Potatoe, Tomato, Tomatoe

which was warm and fabulous, and Ceviche de Pescado (succulent, fresh fish literally cooked in sour lime juice with crisp red onions and special giant Peruvian Corn).

My first taste of Ceviche ever- but surely not my last!

For an entree we ordered Pollo Saltado (scrumptious chicken cooked with juicy tomatoes, crunchy onions and a strong garlic sauce).

Pollo Saltado

My dad thought the chicken was out of this world. We also had Bistek a lo Pobre (translated as- a poor mans steak, sizzling steak with silky sunny side up eggs, toothsome fries, and fluffy rice). It was like having breakfast, lunch and dinner all at the same time.

3 meals in 1! Bistek a lo Pobre

The atmosphere was very enjoyable and the walls were painted black and orange like a setting sun. The value was extremely fair for the amount of food we obtained. The service was unbelievable due to a staff that truly cares about their restaurant. Overall I would recommend this fabulous restaurant to anybody and everybody.

I would rate it- ZZZZV- 4 and 1/2 Z’s- Delicious!!!!!


5 thoughts on “Peruvian Corn-tacular

  1. Great to know Asher you liked all of those dishes, makes me feel proud like a Peruvian i am. I will get more names of dishes for you, so you can try them.

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