Pork Rind Perfection

Who do you think would win in a fight between a grilled cheese sandwich and a taco? Andy Samberg.

     If the taco was from Los Portales Mexican Grocery Store, the taco would win by a T.K.O! This weekend we traveled to Los Portales, located off the beaten path in East Norwalk (49 Fort Point St. Norwalk). This was my second trip to Los Portales. When we entered we noticed the aromas of fried pork rinds and saw beef dripping with juices on the stove. Los Portales started out as a Mexican Grocery Store with a small counter and a tiny kitchen. Over the 16 years that it has been open, the Grocery Store aspect of it withered away slowly and the cooking aspect quickly grew. Today Joe (the owner) said they are 90% focused on their food and the rest on the grocery store.

     When it was our time to order, we got- their famous pork rinds (giant, warm, crispy fried pork rinds that just melted in you mouth and still had succulent, tender meat on them). We also ordered their nachos smothered in smooth melted cheese, creamy avocado, tangy sour cream, delicious re-fried beans, fresh lettuce, and flavorful cilantro. To finish off our meal we ordered a total of 5 tacos with sublime spicy chicken and fall off the bone, superb pork with soft, warm tortillas. We also had an aray of spicy salsas. We had a chunky salsa with yummy peppers that had a bit of a bite and three smooth, silky ones, made with tomatillo and another made with chipotles that had been smoked. To drink we had 2 Coca Colas from Mexico made with real cane sugar and one grapefruit soda. After our fabulous meal, we interviewed the owner (Joe), who was extremely nice and told us how long they had been open and how much it had changed over the years. The value was excellent for the amazing quality food and the atmosphere was very unusual/cool. Don’t go to Los Portales expecting a real restaurant (they only have 2 booth’s and a counter). I would DEFINITELY go back as soon as possible and recommend it to anyone because it is so amazing (they are open lunch and dinner). I would rate it ZZZZZ= 5 Z’s!!!!!!!!= INCREDIBLE.

I’m Loco for Pork Rinds

Sauce Boss

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Lets climb the mountain of Nachos




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