Is Fin the Best Sushi in Fairfield????

“Kids are now eating things like edamame and sushi. I didn’t know what shiitake mushrooms were when I was 10 – most kids today do.” Emeril Lagasse.

Last weekend we traveled to Fin in Fairfield to see what all the hype was about. We had heard a lot of mixed reviews of Fin, but we needed to travel there to actually find out. Many people actually think Fin is best sushi in town. When we entered the restaurant, we immediately noticed an odd aroma coming from the kitchen. In addition we had a very slow welcome and the menus did not arrive quickly at our table. The wait staff took our order quickly and brought us our food way too fast. It seemed as if they wanted us out!

I ordered crispy, warm, spicy fried BBQ Chicken dumplings with a smooth delicious blue cheese sauce (that is not common Japanese cuisine, and that may be the reason why it was so good). Additionally we got several orders of Fin’s Special Spicy Devil Rolls (Avocado, Lobster, and Crispy Noodles). They were disgusting, gooey, and squishy. I also had a flavorful, silky delicious dumpling soup with smooth pork filled dumplings in it (a high point of the meal). The rest of my family had all kinds of sushi rolls that they did not enjoy at all. The atmosphere was very simple and the restaurant was very small and dark. As I mentioned, it had a strange smell and it seemed quite dirty. The service was horrible and the waitress’ brought all of our dishes simultaneously. The value was fine, but I would not recommend going. The food overall was disappointing especially after all the positive hype. All in all, I would have to rate this one of the worst Japanese experiences I have had. I would give it ZZ- 2 Z’s= Subpar/Gross.

Buffalo Chicken Dumplings

Buffalo Chicken Dumplings- Yum

Spicy Devil Roll

Spicy Devil Roll- Yuck


Dumpling Soup- a highlight


One thought on “Is Fin the Best Sushi in Fairfield????

  1. I think the food you ate is chinese not japanese . The sushi rolls are nothing like that in Japan . The owners or the chef is probably not even Japanese . The soup and the dumplings are chinese food .

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