Big BONDA Birthday!

“The Pig, if I am not mistaken, Gives us ham and pork and Bacon. Let others think his heart is big, I think it stupid of the Pig.” Ogden Nash.

Last weekend we traveled to Bonda Restaurant in Fairfield, CT for my Mom’s birthday. When we entered we noticed the beautiful walls with shades of bright orange and grey/black. We were then greeted by a very friendly woman, who showed us to a fabulous looking back room. Soon after we were seated, we met the owner – Jamie Cooper (a former FCDS Student!), who told us some things about the menu and was very welcoming.

We studied our menu’s and then decided on what we were going to order. For an appetizer  I chose- smooth corn chowder with a lot of starchy chunks of potato, sweet corn, and thinly sliced, crisp bacon. Although the soup did not have much “soup” in it and there was too much potato, it was still a stellar soup. For my main meal I ordered crispy fried chicken with a moist succulence and sides of creamy garlic mashed potato’s and awesome spinach greens. The chicken was good but not great because it was  too lightly breaded for my liking. Besides that fact, it was still yummy. Several people in the group got a salad made with crunchy, charred, grilled lettuce, and a refreshing vinaigrette dressing drizzled on top. The salad was delicious and I would have it again for sure. One of the other popular entree’s was their famous- giant breaded pork chop with juicy watermelon on top. The pork was scrumptious in every aspect besides the fact that it was a small bit dry. For dessert I ordered honey vanilla bean ice cream, in between warm, soft, freshly baked chocolate chip cookies, oozing with delicious chocolate.

The atmosphere was very nice and the service was outstanding. Over the course of the meal we happened to break about 5 wine/champagne glass’ and the waiters were extremely understanding about it and didn’t charge anything on the final bill. The value was fine, and would be good for a night out. I would rate it- ZZZV=3 1/2 Z’s= Good= I would probably go back!


A finished bowl of Corn Chowder!


Grilled Salad!


Famous Pork Chop…………


Everybody loves fried chicken!


Sorry it fuzzy (I couldn’t wait to eat it, so I took a quick picture). Ice Cream Sandwich.


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