Bread is Essential!

“If they can make penicillin out of mouldy bread, they can sure make something out of you”.
Muhammad Ali.

On our trip we traveled to a great bread stop called Wave Hill Breads. Wave Hill Breads started out selling their bread at a Farmers Market but everybody loved it so much, they expanded to this location in Norwalk. They grind their own wheat, barley, and spelt berries. When we entered the Bread Company we smelled the wafts of sweet, soft, spongy bread and crunchy cornmeal aromas pouring out of the kitchen. We then noticed the numerous tastes of bread spread out across the room. We sampled warm bread filled with tangy olives and spicy peppers, crisp garlic filled country bread, regular bread with a center like a cloud and an outside that cracked and popped as you bit into it. We sampled our bread with sweet and acidic balsamic vinegar, and smooth olive oil. After our samples we were talked to by the owner who told us about the history of the Bread Company and then passed us on to another one of the owners who brought us into the kitchen. We were shown to their huge oven (bought from Germany and assembled in America)  and admired racks of freshly baked breads. There is even a special machine that press’ dough for foccacia. The owner spoke to us about how to make the bread. The bread was fabulous and Michael Stern ranks it as one of his favorite bread places ever! I would recommend it in need for some fresh, delicious, warm bread! I would rank it ZZZZ= 4 !Image

Multigrain Bread!




Look at all that bread!!!!


Owner of Wave Hill Breads


It is harder than it looks


The Oven is giant


Some fresh bread



To learn more:

30 High Street

Norwalk CT


2 thoughts on “Bread is Essential!

  1. Thanks, Asher. I couldn’t have described it better. I was telling a friend about Wave Hill and forward your blog to her.

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