The Grass is always greener under my Wiener

“Dear McDonald’s, Thank you for not selling hot dogs. I don’t think I could order a McWiener with a straight face”. Unknown.

As part of our trip we traveled to 3 hotdog restaurants over 2 days! First we traveled to Super Duper Weenie in Fairfield, CT. As we entered we noticed a spray painted sign saying that Guy Fieri had been there. When it was finally our time to order, we got a Chicagoan with spicy relish, crisp, fresh lettuce, tomatoes, silky mustard, and celery salt, and crunchy, greasy fries with sea salt and black peper. The meal was delicious and is listed on the top 50 places in CT to go before you die (as recommended by CT Magazine). The decor at Super Duper Weenie is very cool looking and not fancy. The people were very nice as well. For our second stop we arrived at Blackies located in Cheshire CT. When we arrived we noticed the outside of the restaurant looked like it could be from a Carnival a long time ago. On the bus we were told  by Michael Stern that you order by the number of hotdogs you want. You just scream out 2, and the counterman comes with two hotdogs. You can ask for their famous hot relish or the creamy mustard on the dog, and you tell them if you want it crisp or charred. Blackies first cooks their hotdogs in hot oil and they rip and crisp up, then they throw them on the grill for a little added crispiness. We ordered 1 hotdog with the hot relish and spicy mustard. The hotdog was warm and had a nice crunch to it. The relish was well worth it and the mustard was delectable. After our meal we talked to the owner and he told us that they get their own specially made hotdogs shipped directly to the restaurant from New Jersey. He also told us the process of cooking one of these culinary master pieces (talked about above).

As our final hotdog stop we traveled to Doogies Dogs located in Newington, CT for their famous 2 FOOT LONG HOTDOG! When we entered we noticed a picture of Food Competitor Adam Richmond who had been here and tried their challenge of eating 2 of the two foot long dogs in a certain period of time. My dad and I ordered a hot dog to share with crispy bacon, and tangy and sweet caramelized onions to finish it off. We also had a line of condiments such as relish, spicy peppers, and mustard. The hotdog was not as tasty as the presentation but it still was a good hotdog. The inside of Doogies was very small and had a funky atmosphere. The people who served us were nice and we got to meet the owner who told us all about the history as well as some jokes. My favorite hotdog would have to be Blackies because it was so juicy and crisp. In addition, the spicy relish was quite delicious. I would recommend all of the restaurants but definitely try Blackies for a great dog.

Super Duper Weenie- ZZZZ- 4 Z’s= Very Good.

Blackies- ZZZZW= 4 1/4 Z’s= Delicious.

Doogies Dogs- ZZZ= 3 Z’s= Fine.

ImageAbout to enter Super Duper Weenie (thats Jane Stern right behind me)


It has to be good


Super Duper Weenie! I could use one of those right now!


Crunch!!!! (Super Duper Weenie)


Blackies gets my vote!


Mustard and Spicy Relish at Blackies






Do you think you could finish that? (Doogies Dogs)


Digging into the 2 foot long Doogies Dog.


Ha! Doogies Dogs.




My Dad looks like he’s enjoying himself!




The finished product!


Good Sign!


2 thoughts on “The Grass is always greener under my Wiener

  1. Fantastic article–wish you could go back in time and eat at Rawley’s in Fairfield back in the day when Chico was the owner/chef—

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