A Taste of Heaven! The 2012 Roadfood Tour of CT

This weekend, my Dad and I embarked on one of the best food journeys ever! Our food adventure began Saturday morning at 8:30 am in Hartford, CT. The entire food trip was only 2 days long but we had about 17 meals! Some of the delicacies included- crisp, rich Donuts from Coffee An’ in Westport, buttery Donuts with smooth icing from Neils in Wallingford, and warm, sweet Donuts from Dottie’s Diner in Woodbury.We had Crunchy hot dogs that split because they were slowly cooked in oil from Blackies in Cheshire, a TWO FOOTLONG gigantic monster hotdog from Doogies Dogs in Newington, and a Chicagoan Dog with spicy relish, crisp lettuce, tomatoes, silky mustard, and celery salt at Super Duper Weenie in Fairfield.  We had amazing pizza at The Spot in New Haven, and Zuppardi’s Apizza in West Haven. Are you getting hungry yet? This is just a taste of what we had on our trip (more to come later). Our bus was filled with 50 like minded foodies like myself who shared their stories of food on the bus; and recommended places from all over the globe to try and places to avoid. Our bus tour was led by Jane and Michael Stern (Heros of the Food World). Jane and Michael Stern write for some of the most prestigious magazines like Saveur and Gourmet (no longer a magazine). They first published their book Road Food in 1977 and still continue writing today (their next version comes out in 2014!). In addition they have an awesome website at http://www.Roadfood.com which we always rely on when we travel to find the best local spots.  The bus had the nicest, happiest people that you could ever meet. They came from all over the country,  places such as: CT, MA, NY, TX, PA, NJ, SC, GA, and CA. Everybody asked questions because they all shared a  special love for food in their hearts. We all enjoyed the fabulous meals together and many of the people on the trip had already been on trips like this so they knew the ropes. I will have all the reviews and photos coming in the next couple of days, and an interview with Michael Stern.

Good Night and Good Eats, Asher Zelson


The Adventure Begins!


Who’s Car is that? A REAL Roadfood Fan!


5 thoughts on “A Taste of Heaven! The 2012 Roadfood Tour of CT

  1. Asher, it was great meeting you on the Roadfood trip this weekend – I can’t wait to revisit our weekend through your writing! Terri & Tim

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