Wafu (Fairfield, CT)

“You do not sew with a fork, and I see no reason why you should eat with knitting needles.” Miss Piggy.This weekend I traveled to a New Asian Restaurant called Wafu. Wafu was just opened in place of the Friendly’s in Fairfield. I went with one of my best friends from camp. When we entered we noticed a fantastic, modern atmosphere (it looked like it was from Las Vegas) and the fancy feel to it. As we were sat at our table, we noticed another thing that was very up-to-date, the menu’s were…. IPADS! The IPADS were new and very easy to handle and use. Soon after we looked at the IPADS and took a quick peek at the atmosphere, we were ready to order. We ordered creamy, warm egg drop soup with sliced crispy bacon for flavor and sweet corn bursting with juices, spicy, delicious Miso Soup that warmed every part of your body and made you relax, sticky fried rice with beef that was seasoned and sliced to perfection and delicious, crunchy fried green onions. Finally we ordered syrupy, sweet Sesame Chicken (the pieces varied from small and crisp, to large and succulent), and slimy shrimp udon with tender shrimp that were bursting with flavor. The atmosphere was very contempary and modern, and if you didn’t know that there was a Friendly’s there, you could never tell, because of how much it changed, atmosphere wise. The value was good for the large portions they gave us. The service was good but no one there spoke very clear English. At the end of our fantastic meal, we wanted to get an interview with owner, but sadly he was preoccupied and didn’t speak very good English. Overall the food was delicious and exceeded our expectations, plus the atmosphere was phenomenal. I would rate it ZZZZ- 4 Z’s= Very Good.


My friend Ethan and I


Awesome decorations!




Miso Soup


Egg drop Soup!


Fried Rice


Shrimp Udon


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