Foodies Exhibit (Westport Arts Center)

This weekend my Dad and I traveled to an Art Exhibit at the Westport Art Center. The Art Exhibit called FOODIES was manly food based and had some very strange and bizarre art and sculptures. For example, there were sculptures of corn and a sculpture of hanging wrappers of candy. Some of the photos were very attention grabbing (piles of bread and old pictures of cooks and foodies). There was also a sculpture of a bag of apples that was bizarre but looked interesting. The Exhibit was very small and there was almost no one there. Before I entered, I expected a lot more pictures and crowds of people. I was very surprised with how different it was from my thoughts. Overall I would recommend going if you have a small chunk of time to blow.


So Excited!


WRAPPERS…. Really?!?!?!?!?!?


Corn Statue


Bread… One of my favorites!


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