Half Moon (Wallingford, CT)

As I await my food patiently, I smell a delicious smell pouring out of the kitchen of Half Moon and into my nostrils. A savory pastry pocket that looks very plain arrives at my table and that smell comes to me again. When I am finished inhaling the amazing aroma, I am ready to dig in to this pocket. The pocket is filled with tender grinded out meat with a syrupy sweet and spicy sauce. As soon as I bit it, I get a flood of spices and tastes that create a party in my mouth. This weekend we traveled to Half Moon.  We came to Half Moon (a Choate Hotspot for Jamaican and Italian Cuisine) to visit my brother Hayden at school. When we came we had no expectations because we hadn’t heard anything about the restaurant.  As we entered Half Moon we were greeted a very friendly waitress, who pointed us in the direction of where to order. After we finished ordering we sat down among friends of Hayden and got a sense of what school was like for him. To eat we ordered a spicy, saucy, juicy chicken wing wrap, warm, greasy, salty French Fries that really relaxed you, a Caprice Panini with lush heirloom tomatoes, yummy prosciutto that just melted in you mouth, fresh basil, and soft mozzarella cheese. Finally we had 3 delicious Jamaican Beef pockets (described up top) succulent crumbly meat enclosed in starchy, greasy pastry. The atmosphere was very strange looking because of the weird pictures on the walls and odd brown wall color. The value was very good because it catered to the students in the area. The service was subpar, the waitresses were friendly but food came out very slowly. Overall the food was pretty good but the service was a letdown. I would go back because of the delicious Jamaican Hot Pockets. I would give it ZZZV=3 ½ Z’s= Good.




Hot Pockets. MMMMMMM………


Can’t wait to dig in!


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