Lotus of Siam

The crisp chicken crunches against my teeth as a water gun full of sweet flavor squirts out of the delicious drumstick. The taste gland in my head is triggered and my mind shuts down for a moment, because of the fusion of spices and tastes. For our next Las Vegas adventure, we traveled to one of my Dad’s all time favorites, Lotus of Siam. When you enter Lotus of Siam, a flood of smells bombards your nostrils and you hear the chatter of the Thai folk enjoying their authentic Thai cuisine.  Lotus of Siam is located in a very sad shopping center in the outskirts of Vegas. Although the area that Lotus of Siam is in is very unhappy, when you enter Lotus of Siam the lights and conversation going on in the restaurant make you forget you are in this wretched shopping center.

For our meal we ordered A LOT. First, we ordered mouthwatering Chicken Satay, the crispy on the outside and succulent on the inside Garlic Chicken Wings, Moo Dad Deaw (juicy pork jerky with a smooth, spicy sauce), Nom Kao Tod (yummy sour sausage), Koong Sarong (juicy prawns, wrapped in crispy bacon that just popped with goodness when you bit into them), crunchy, sweet garlic shrimp, tender pork and fresh shrimp drunken noodles. We also ordered soft shell crab salad with a flaky outside that just exploded with juices in your mouth, Spicy Tom Yum soup with crumbly butter-like Sea Bass. That’s not all, Sweet and Spicy Papaya Salad, Larb (Delicious syrup soaked pork with spicy chili flakes wrapped in a fresh piece of lettuce), and BBQ pork with a sugary outer layer. My favorite was the garlic chicken wings, because of their mixture of spices. My least favorite was the Papaya Salad because I am not a big fan of green papaya. Our meal lasted quite a long time because of the numerous things we ordered. The atmosphere was very basic and nothing over the top. The value at Lotus of Siam was fair and good for what you got. The service was very accommodating but it would help if you could understand a little more of what they were saying. Overall the food was some of the best I had in Las Vegas and I would for sure go back. I can definitely agree with my Dad on this one. I would give it ZZZZV- 4 and ½ Z’s= Very Good.




Getting ready for dinner


What a feast!


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