Komex Express

“A good head and a good heart are always a formidable combination”. Nelson Mandela.
Now, I think is Nelson Mandela’s combination IS a formidable one but one that is even stronger is the combination of Korean and Mexican food. Just imagine eating a delicious, fresh Kimchi Burrito.
For our next meal in Las Vegas we had one of the best combinations ever to be combined, Komex (or Korean/Mexican Fusion).  When we arrived at Komex Express outside of the Las Vegas strip and we did not have high expectations’, but we were truly surprised at just how wrong we were. As we entered this Komex Heaven we were ambushed by the different, delicious smells.  After we sat down we were quickly greeted by a very friendly waitress who took our orders and recommended specials. We ordered 4 Fusion Tacos with juicy, chipped Bolgogi (Korean BBQ meat), crisp onions, strong cilantro, and spicy Pico De Gallo as well as a Fusion Burrito with delicious Mexican rice, tender meat, crunchy scallions and perfectly caramelized onions, fresh Pico De Gallo salsa, yummy lettuce, and soy and sesame based sauces. We also ordered Fusion Bulgogi Nachos (my personal favorite),  succulent meat with warm melted mozzarella cheese on top, hot Pico De Gallo,  and the delectable yet scorching Korean and Japanese Hot Sauce. Finally wrapping up our meal, we had the Fusion Tostada and the Wonton Soup. The Fusion Tostada was described by my Mom as- “The perfect balance between Mexican and Korean flavors… It was scrumptious”. It was a Crispy, greasy Rice shell topped with sweet and spicy marinated cabbage,
amazingly fresh tasting onions, Cilantro & Pico de Gallo

Drizzled with extremely flavorful Korean Hot Sauce. Finally last but certainly not least, we had the Wonton Soup with soup soaked delicious wontons containing fantastic pork, and a mild soup broth that would be my dream broth to have if I was sick. The food was very good overall. The atmosphere at Komex Express was very non descript and nothing too distracting from the meal. The value as well as the service were great. I would only go back if Nelson Mandela came with me so he can be convinced that my combination is just as good as his. ZZZZX- 4 ¾ Z’s= Amazing.  


Fusion Burrito and Taco


Korean and Japanese Hot Sauce’s


Fusion Tostada


Tofu Fusion Taco


Enchilada  Plate


Mmmmm…. Bulgogi Nachos’s


Fried Rice


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