The Buffet

 Our trip to Vegas brings us to yet another food Mecca located in one of the classiest casinos in all of the Las Vegas Strip- The Wynn. In the Wynn there are many restaurants but we decided to go to an all you can eat buffet called The Buffet. As you walk in you can smell the aromas rising from the lines of food in The Buffet, but what really caught my eye was the dessert bar in the middle of the food lines. As I ventured into the forest of food I saw signs pointing me where to go. One said Asian the other said Italian and everything in between. My head was spinning with all the different aromas and my brain was hurting with all the choices. Suddenly I remembered I was in an all you can eat buffet so I could have everything. As I pilled my plate high with goodies, my eyes wandered to the dessert bar again and I started craving the dessert. As I wandered back to my table I started to pick apart my meal, I had sizzling fried egg rolls next to a steaming pork bun with a chimichanga and tomatillo salsa and several slices of pepperoni and tomato pizza. When I started eating only one thing popped into my mind (dessert), so I quickly scarfed down my plate of food and I was on my way to the dessert section with a giant dinner plate. When I entered the dessert area I knew EXACTLY what I wanted- smooth white chocolate covered marshmallows, mint and Oreo ice cream, and to finish it off- a crisp, gooey rice crispy treat covered in white chocolate. The desserts were very good, but I don’t think I could say the same about the meal. The food looked quite appetizing but it was mostly tasteless and bland. The atmosphere in The Buffet was subpar, although in the middle of the eating area there was a large assortment of flowers, towering over the tables. There was no service because it was all self serve, but the value was great for the amount of food we had. I would rate it ZZZV- 3 1/2 Z’s= Fine.Image

Center Piece at The Buffet


Dessert Room!


3 thoughts on “The Buffet

  1. Great picture of you with the floral arrangement.
    I agree with you completely. The Wynn buffet is a scene and it’s fun to experience but ultimately the food is disappointing. Glad you saw, smelled and tasted it for yourself and I’m sure it provided great people watching!

  2. Asher, absolutely love your reviews.

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