Fantasy Meal

Lately I have been thinking about my fantasy meal and who I would spend it with. Now trust me on this one, it is extremely hard because of all the meals I have had. Although my meal could consist of much more, my absolute fantasy meal would probably go like this- Crispy, greasy, amazing Fried Chicken from the Colonnade in Atlanta, Georgia.  I would wash it down with an icy cold, smooth vanilla milkshake from the Driftwood in Southport.  My second course would be a tremendous, towering, crunchy bacon filled BLT from Crown Candy in St. Louis Missouri.  As a side dish I would enjoy the fall of the bone, tender, succulent ribs in the train wreck which included sweet cornbread, delicious baked beans, and was slathered in BBQ sauce from Alamo BBQ in Richmond Virginia. Last and certainly not least…….. MY ALL TIME FAVORITE, THE HOBO BOWL IN SAINT LOUIS, MISSOURI AT THE GOODY GOODY DINER.  This delicacy of a bowl is filled with amazing sausage, the softest sunny side up eggs, covered with juicy tomatoes and piquant onions, spicy hash browns, silky white gravy and gooey delicious melted cheese on top. I would spend my meal with my idol Shabazz Napier and my entire family. Now heres the question, What is YOUR fantasy meal and who would you spend it with?


One thought on “Fantasy Meal

  1. Sounds like quite a
    meal! I must say that my fantasy meal would be to go back in time to the now closed Rascal House in Miami Beach and enjoy their amazing rolls, French toast, corned beef sandwich, fried shrimp and incredible lemon meringue pie!

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