“Frying chicken always makes me feel a little better about life.”

Kathryn Stocket. Well the fried chicken at M & M Mississippi soul food

sure made me feel good! The crispy, juicy, fried chicken with a sweet

moist waffle and rich grits and Kool Aid to drink, made an unstoppable

breakfast. Yes you heard me right breakfast. The food at M & M was all

homemade and yummy. I ordered the amazing fried chicken with cheese

grits and sunnyside up eggs. My family ordered waffles with a hint of

nutmeg, and the softest most delicious pancakes you will ever taste.

The atmosphere at M & M was very plain and nothing special. Although

it was very plain, it was for sure clean. The service was superb. Our

waitress was extremely friendly and even addressed my mom and my

brothers allergy requests. She always replied with a smile and treated

us like we were her family. The value was also fabulous for the large

portions and the excellent flavor. Overall the fried chicken did make

my day and the value and service just added to the great meal. If you

go to Vegas, be sure the visit this fried chicken palace on the

outskirts of Vegas.





Copy of  Menu- r choice of homemade biscuits or toast 

Breakfast Entrees 

Liver & Onions 6.00
Ham Steak 7.50
Pork Sausage 6.00
Chicken Wings 7.00
Chicken or Beef Patty 6.00
Turkey Patty 6.00
2 Pork Chops 8.50
1 Pork Chop 7.00
Catfish 8.00
Salmon Crochet 8.00
Pork or Turkey Bacon 6.00
Hot Links 6.00
Turkey Links 6.00
Corn Beef Hash 6.50

(sides not included)

Cheese 7.00
Ham & Cheese 6.50
Denver 7.99
Veggie 6.00

Side Orders 

Chicken Wings & A Waffle 7.99
Grits 2.50
Mississippi Style Potatoes 2.50
French Toast 4.00
2 Eggs 3.00


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