Bachi Burger Las Vegas Nevada

470 East Windmill Lane #100 Las Vegas, NV 89123 (702) 242-2244

I knew when our waitress said, “yours is the best choice”, that I was

in for a great meal. The crunch of the fried onion on top of the juicy

meat was a perfect conbination. As I took my first bite the sauce ran

down my hands like a water fall and a large smile appeared on my face

as I said- “this is the best!”. To start off our adventure in Las

Vegas, we went to the outskirts of Vegas (outside the strip) to try

Bachi Burgers. When we arrived, it was packed to the brim with people.

Soon after we arrived, we were brought to a table by a very friendly

waitress. To drink Hayden and I had bubble tea (milk tea flavored with

different fruits with tapioca bubbles on the bottom). The tea was a

great start to the meal, but we had no idea what was about to be put

in our mouths. For my main meal, I ordered the grass fed beef wagyu

burger with fried onion, spicy mayo, and sweet and a spicy sesame seed

mix. The succulent meat just melted in your mouth and the sweet,

crispy fried onion added a much needed crunch to the delicious dish.

Hayden ordered the Banh Mi Burger (Vietnamese Sandwich Burger) his

burger was also quite good. It contained sweet pork, crunchy carrots,

crisp lettuce, and a special spicy mayo sauce. My mom had a fish

burger. The fish was as soft as butter, and pretty much melted in your

mouth. My Dad ordered the Black and Green Burger (a juicy beef patty

with sweet onions, mushrooms, fantastic bacon, spinich, and stinky

bleu cheese), Everett ordered a plain burger with ketchup and bacon,

which he did not love. We also ordered the garlic fries, the just

fries (just plain fries), truffle oil and parmesan fries, and sweet

potato fries. The fries were very good and there were an assortment of

choices to choose from. The atmosphere was very plain but it was

certainly clean. The shopping center it was in was very sparse and not

very nice looking except for Bachi Burgers. The value was very good,

as was the service. Overall the food was amazing and we had a great

waitress. I would definitly go back and reccomend it to anyone in the

area. I would give it ZZZZV- 4 and 1/2 Z’s= very good.


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